Whores, Bribes and Fake IDs: the sinister methods of Trump’s Facebook helpers

An undercover documentary by Channel4 shows the machinations of Cambridge Analytica in a new light. The report reveals how the company's managers are trying to influence elections around the world.

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In the data scandal surrounding Facebook , Cambridge Analytica is at the center of the storm. Now the events are going over. Channel 4 aired a documentary on Tuesday evening. Reporters from the British TV station met in a covert search with Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica.
The journalists pretended to be potential customers, researched for months and secretly filmed conversations with the camera. In the US election campaign in 2016, Donald Trump also relied on the services of the company. With success, it seems.
In meetings, Cambridge Analytica executives admitted to having “helped” more than 200 elections worldwide, according to Channel4. For example in Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, India, Argentina and the USA .

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Credits : Channel 4 News

According to former employees, Cambrige Analytica also campaigned for Brexit .
The prostitute trick
How can politicians be dealt with the fastest way? The managers of Cambridge Analytica offer an all-round service and apparently do not shy away from dirty methods away from social media .
Nix spoke in the documentary fresh from the liver away about the methods of his company. You could set a trap for politicians, put them in compromising situations, such as bribes or prostitutes.

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“We could send some girls to the candidate’s house,” Nix said. And added: “the Ukrainians are very pretty, that works well.” The plan was to dispense the incriminating material later discreetly on social media.
Facebook security chief goes in the dispute
The head of security of Facebook leaves the group after a dispute over the handling of alleged Russian disinformation campaigns. Alex Stamos has campaigned within the social network to investigate and publicize these events. This was reported by the New York Times on Monday, citing former and current employees. However, he was often infected with the top management, such as Sheryl Sandberg, which is responsible for the operational business. After his duties were assigned to other people in December, Stamos have decided to leave Facebook. However, management feared that this might make a bad impression and persuade him to stay until August.
The bribes
In order to come up with incriminating material, Nix also used other proven methods. Example complacent? One would offer a politician a lot of money for his campaign, in return for a land sale. “We’ll record the conversation, publish it on the Internet and erase the person,” Nix told the undercover reporters. These had spent themselves as advisors to a wealthy customer from Sri Lanka, who wanted to be elected as a politician. Offering bribes is illegal in both England and the US.
The distribution method
The material is discreetly incorporated into social media by Cambridge Analyctica, which has records of 50 million Facebook users. “We let the information flow into the bloodstream of the Internet and watch how it grows. Now and then we give a little push. Like with a remote control. “This would have to happen without anyone’s guessing that this was propaganda. “Then the next question is sudden. <Who is behind it>? »

Many customers also wanted no foreign company to work for them. That’s why you have set up a network of fake ID’s and websites.
Nix rejects allegations at Channel4’s request. “We did not use inaccurate material for any purpose,” a company spokesman said.

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