Samsung: first cinema with new 3D LED technology in Zurich

According to Samsung, traditional cinema technology with screen and projection will soon be a thing of the past. The reason for this is the new Samsung LED large screens.

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Samsung announces very confidently that the 10.3 meter wide and 5.4 meter high displays should work with nine million LED pixels. The giant screen consists of 96 individual modules which should be easily replaced if necessary. Samsung promises a “seamless” installation and “high-precision” calibration . In terms of luminosity, color brilliance and sharpness, the new technology should be superior to previous cinema transmission.

In detail, a luminosity up to 10 times stronger, that is 500 nits, is called. Native Cine-4K with 4096 x 2160 pixels is displayed according to Samsung in both the “flat” – as “Sope” format without annoying, dark gray stripes. Black should be black, because the black value is better, after all, there is no bright projection beam. Of course, HDR as well as 3D material benefit from this . The Arena Cinema in Zurich is the world’s first cinema equipped with Samsung’s 3D LED technology. So far, there was only one prototype in Seoul. And the sound is not compromised. The audio specialists from JBL and HARMAN supply the associated sound technology.

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