Slingshot: New Windows malware infects computers in an unusual way

Kasperksy makes interesting discovery

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Kaspersky security analysts have discovered a new malware and christened it “Slingshot”. The malware gets on unfamiliar way on your computer. But that’s not the only thing that makes the software so dangerous.


The security analysts of IT companies Kaspersky have discovered a highly dangerous cyber espionage Trojan and this “Slingshot”, to German slingshot baptized. This novel Windows malware has some special features.

A sophisticated espionage campaign

According to the researchers, the Trojan is part of a sophisticated cyber espionage campaign aimed at individuals. A special feature is the infection path. The malware compromised routers . So far only routers of the manufacturer Mikrotik were affected. This has now closed the gap that exploited the pest.


So far only just under 100 devices have been infected. Slingshot victims mainly come from Kenya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, the Congo, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Tanzania. In most cases, these are individuals or organizations. The researchers believe that the software has been in circulation since 2012 and has been constantly evolving. It may soon infect other manufacturers’ routers too.

Excessive cyber espionage capabilities aboard

Malware’s modular design also poses a threat. This malicious software has various modules on board that can take screenshots, collect keyboard data, network data, passwords, and data over USB connections. Thanks to kernel rights , Slingshot can steal any data such as credit card details, password hashes and social security numbers. Slingshot would therefore also be an ideal attacker who is suitable for identity theft .

Alone, one module of the malware has over 1,500 camouflage capabilities on board, which is a “notable achievement,” according to the researchers. To the backers of the attacks, the researchers have even vague guesses. According to previous information, the perpetrators should speak English and it should put a larger organization behind it, which has the resources for the development of such highly complex malware.

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