Instagram: Is the chronological feed finally coming?

Since the chronological feed was abolished, Instagram users are angry. Now Insta seems to have heard the wishes and wants to change a lot.

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We have only modest wishes: world peace, coffee with perfect milk foam, dream weight, equal rights and the chronological feed on Instagram . The latter may seem close enough, but not exactly as we imagine it to be.

In 2016, Instagram abolished the chronological feed to give the “more relevant” postings a place in the spotlight. This means that users no longer see the latest postings of the accounts they follow, but those posts that have a lot of likes and comments. This algorithm is reminiscent of Facebook, where the “strong” postings also play a more important role.

Bad blood due to Instagram changes since 2016.

But with this fundamental change, the users just did not want to make friends. To date, viral memes, blog posts and social media postings are circulating on the net, all of which are back to the chronological feed. Now the nagging seems finally to have been fruitful, because Instagram commented Höchstoffiziell to the demands.

“We want to make Insta the place where you can connect with the people you love the most.” they wrote in a blog post. “Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to make the feed look like newer posts higher up, and these changes will make the feed feel fresher and more up-to-date, and you will not miss any more moments that matter to you.”

Social media should become a friends platform again.

The changes are set to happen quite soon, but Instagram has not revealed exactly when. With the more up-to-date feed, they are joining the trend that social media should become more of a way to connect with those people you really know. Facebook has also changed its algorithm so that the posts of friends play a more important role than those of media or other official sites.

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