Apple launches tests from iOS 11.4: These are the innovations

Since last week, we can install iOS 11.3 and already begins Apple with the beta test of iOS 11.4. This brings important innovations that Apple has left out in iOS 11.3 yet.

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iOS 11.4 brings features that are missing in iOS 11.3

Apple registered developers can download the first beta version of iOS 11.4 since yesterday. The relatively large version jump – so 11.x instead of 11.xx – suggests that the update not only focuses on bug fixes, but also brings new features. And indeed, the beta version contains features that Apple has left out on iOS 11.3 .

iOS 11.4 with iCloud news and AirPlay 2

For example, iOS 11.4 includes the iCloud Messages feature, which saves your iMessage messages and text messages to your iCloud account. So your messages on different devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac – are always on the same level; So for example, even if you set up a device with your new Apple ID and does not restore a backup. The feature has already tested Apple with the first iOS 11 beta and in the meantime also in iOS 11.3 beta integrated, but both times again removed. The hope is that it will also be part of the final version on iOS 11.4.

Another important innovation is the integration of AirPlay 2 : The second generation of Apple’s music and video streaming standard for home devices offers, among other things, better audio buffering and the simultaneous control of multiple speakers in several rooms. This feature was originally planned for iOS 11, then integrated into the iOS 11.3 betas and removed again.

iOS 11.4: HomePod stereo does not work yet

AirPlay 2 is especially interesting for owners of Apple’s own HomePod speaker : Not only is it possible to stream music to multiple HomePods in multiple rooms simultaneously, but also to use two HomePods in the same room for stereo sound. However, there is still a corresponding update for the HomePod firmware, so this feature does not work in practice.

When iOS 11.4 will appear is still unclear. However, the beta test of iOS 11.3 ran for two months, so it’s quite possible that we can not install iOS 11.4 in the final version until June.

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