Apple would say “goodbye” to Intel processors for Macs by 2020

Technology: According to Bloomberg, the firm at the apple would prepare to replace the Intel processors with its own chips in less than two years.

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“Kalamata”. This is the code name of Apple’s project to replace Intel’s Mac processors with his own.According to Bloomberg, which reports this information on the basis of sources “close to the file”, this major transition could take place as early as 2020. For Apple, this would be a strategy to make even more transparent interactions between its different products by further accentuating the hardware / software integration that makes its mark.

Currently, the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV already use chips designed by Apple. By doing the same for Macs, the Cupertino company would no longer be dependent on Intel’s roadmap for the release of its new models adds Bloomberg. And Apple has already advanced its pieces in the field: in the last Macbook Pro, Apple’s T1 chip to control the Touch Bar while in the iMacPro, a home processor is dedicated to data encryption.

If this choice were to be confirmed, it would be a serious setback for Intel, which has been supplying its processors for Macs since the start of Apple’s renaissance in 2005. The share price of the foundry has moreover was seriously heckled at the announcement of this eventuality, losing up to 9.2% of its value during the session.

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