Huawei P20 (Pro): Software setting lets Notch disappear

Everyone has their own opinion on Notch. Some may accept it or just take it, the others hate it. Smartphone manufacturers, who follow the trend of borderless smartphones, try to integrate sensors and front camera with the help of Notch reasonably well in the housing.

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Huawei : For some time now, smartphones have been trying to build around the display with as little or as possible a border as possible. The first Bezel-Less smartphone was the Sharp Aquos Crystal, which was launched in 2014. One of the most well-known Bezel-Less smartphones is the Xiaomi Mi Mix, of which one can claim to be responsible for the trend. The borderless trend presents manufacturers with a difficult task: where to position necessary sensors and the front camera? You can solve the “problem” à la Xiaomi and position the sensors, as well as the front camera in the lower part of the smartphone, or you build a Notch in the display. The forerunner of Notch is without a doubt Apple with the iPhone X. How to deal with the trend of borderless housing? Some asked the community for their opinion, the others explained the benefits of Notch in detail. However, both were not well received by the community and LG and OnePlus were in the crossfire of criticism .

Google has also recognized that the Notch will definitely remain part of the smartphone world and has implemented in the  Android P Developer Preview  the ability to simulate the display notch. A nice solution to the “notch problem” has now been demonstrated by Huawei. By software, the notch can be faded in or out on the P20 and P20 Pro . For this purpose, a continuous black bar is positioned in the complete upper area of ​​the display. A guide to this topic was today on released. As also reports, this solution is not offered on the small model, the Huawei P20 Lite. Here you have to fall back on hiding the Notch on software from Google PlayStore. Maybe with such an idea, someone who has been completely against a smartphone with the notch, but can still retune.

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