Artificial Intelligence : Vera, robot Takes HR Mangers Places

Now it’s a robot which control the job processus

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is helping humanity to get a better life. Every time and another we hear some new unbelievable technology came out, and now it’s the time for a new robot,Called Vera, that will change the way of getting a job.

“Vera” (“Faith” in Russian), is the name of the robot that helps thousands of people to get a job interview in Russia. The robot invented by the startup Stafory, was rewarded at Amsterdam, for its efforts, in HR Tech World competition.

The robot takes control of all the recruitment processes, Vera search and select potential employees in the recruitment sites, and then invite the applicant to a video or a face-to-face interview.

Every five minutes almost one thousand applicant from all Russia is hearing from the robot, and hundreds of them win the chance of having a job interview every day.

Until now Verra still operating essentially in its native land. But, Vera is trying other markets such UAE, China and US, which help the start up to found over than 1 million CVs, Made 440,000 Calls and held 2300 job interview. And serve 220 important customers as Pepsico, the telecom operators MTS and Rostelecom, the Auchan retailer, Al-Ghurair, DEWA Holding, Tecom and Al Tayer.

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