Sport : This is the best time for training, says the inventor of the 7-minute workout

Sport should not feel like an annoying task. Unfortunately, that is often the case. This is partly because of the many things we have to consider before we go to the gym: Did we eat before the spinning class ? Did we pack the right shoes? Did we sleep enough?

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Sport ∼ Here’s one factor you can always consider without feeling like an annoying task: The right timing.

According to some research  , it is best to do sports early in the morning on an empty stomach to lose weight faster and have more energy for the day. Other studies say you should exercise in the evening because the body is warmed up at this time.

Chris Jordan , a training physiologist and inventor of the Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout – a fitness program that combines the benefits of strength training and endurance training in a total body workout – takes a different view and does not care about having the time dictated by studies ,

“The best time of day to do sports is when you’re most likely to train,” he told Business Insider.

Jordan, who has worked as a fitness advisor to the US Air Force in Europe and is now Head of Sports Physiology at the  Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute , said he had experimented with different timeframes to find out when to do the best sport.

For him it is the afternoon: It fits perfectly into his busy day and his body feels too stiff and awkward in the morning.

“What I like about training in the afternoon is that I’m relaxed. I’m usually not so tired and my muscles are not as stiff as they are sometimes in the morning, “he said. “And it’s a great break from all the work, it gives me so much energy.”

Sport in the morning vs. in the afternoon 

But if you’d rather go train in the morning, there’s good news for you: Some studies suggest that sport in the early morning , the accelerated weight loss and energy increases, as he prepares your body out all day to burn fat.

Morning exercise can encourage your body to draw energy from its fat stores, rather than simply burning the calories of your last meal.

In addition, morning exercise in the fresh air means that you get more sun rays – which is very important for the circadian rhythm of your body.

As part of a study it was shown that study participants who within the first two hours after getting up time in the spent sun, were mostly thin and had better control of their bodies, than those who did not get natural sunlight – regardless of their diet.

“There are pros and cons, no matter what time you choose,” says Jordan. “Maybe you’re a bit sluggish in the morning. But if you choose this time, you’ve made it for the rest of the day and you will not skip the training because of something unexpected. ”

The most important thing about your fitness program is that you can stick to it. Whether that means you get up at dawn to run, or you use your lunch break to head to the gym. It is important that the training fits into your daily routine and diary.

“If you have to plan in advance, then do that – schedule an appointment,” advises Jordan. “The important thing is that you consistently pull it through.”

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