Portugal and Ronaldo test against Salah’s Egypt

Delicacies in the Letzigrund! Portugal meets Egypt on Friday! With: World footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his potential successor Mohamed Salah.

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Germany against Spain, Italy against Argentina and Holland against England. Apart from the fact that two of the six named teams are missing out on the World Cup, one could actually think that one is in the middle of a World Cup when looking at the Friday night friendly. There is a duel under: Portugal against Egypt. The European champion against the record winner of the African Cup.

The game is interesting from two points of view. Firstly, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best footballers of the present day, meets the brightest star in African football: Mohamed Salah , a former Basel player in the league with Lionel Messi, Harry Kane and Ronaldo. The scorer in the service of Liverpool whirls the Premier League currently mixed up. More about the rapid rise of the humble Egyptian here .

The duel of these two world football stars is one reason to watch the game. Another is from the Swiss point of view, the venue: Because on Friday evening, there is no home team, the game takes place in Letzigrund. An international match in Switzerland without Swiss participation? Sounds funny, but is a proven remedy. Here are five questions and answers about the game Portugal – Egypt.

Why does the game take place in Switzerland ?

It is not the first time that the Swiss football fan can enjoy test games with big names. In the run-up to the European Championship in 2008, Italy and Portugal also met in the Letzigrund, in 2012 Bosnia and Brazil played in St. Gallen, and in 2013 the game Brazil – Italy was in Geneva.

Zurich, Geneva and St. Gallen figured only as a venue, nothing more. Games like these are organized by agencies. In the case of Portugal – Egypt, it is a Welsh agency called G-Motion SA. As Letzigrund Stadium Manager Peter Landolt put it, “It has a good rapport with the Portuguese and has often worked with them. Just like with Landolt himself.

Among other things, the duel between Italy and Portugal was organized in 2008 by G-Motion. The game was a great success and a cornerstone for further cooperation. As a Swiss agency, G-Motion is naturally looking to bring big teams to Switzerland. The aforementioned teams from Portugal, Bosnia or Italy also attract many spectators to the stadium, thanks to the large municipalities in Switzerland. And Mohamed Salah will probably bring one or the other fan to buy a ticket.

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