Brazil 1: 7 Germany “The greatest humiliation in the world”

Brazil plays against Germany for the first time since the drama at the 2014 World Cup. The most important player is missing the Seleção again.

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It was the highest clap that the Brazilian national football team ever conceded (in 1920 there was still a 0: 6 in Uruguay). And in a World Cup, in addition to the semi-final – and in their own country! The five-time world champion was overrun and humiliated by Germany. 7: 1 won the eventual World Champion on July 8, 2014 in Belo Horizonte.Tonight (20.45) the Seleção is looking for their revenge.

 After the first half, the DFB team had already led 5-0. In the break, coach Joachim Loew had to slow down his team, which had played into a frenzy. “I did not want anyone to start making a fool of the Brazilians in front of an audience of millions. The respect of the Brazilians towards us was very big throughout the country. And for me, it was completely out of the question that we should humiliate or arrogantly face them, “Loew said after the historic semi-final.

Mockery and ridicule for Brazil

The glittering spectacle was barely finished, as the international football press praised the German national team in the sky of Belo Horizonte. On the other hand, shame and disgrace was spilled over Brazil, even a “massacre” was mentioned.

“Germany crushes Brazil, which has to leave its World Cup by a historic defeat,” wrote the French newspaper Le Parisien and was flanked by Liberation: “Germany makes Brazil ridiculous.The Torawlaw, which rolled over the Selecao, solved in the stadium of Belo Horizonte only speechlessness out.”

Coach Tite wanted to test against Germany

Since then almost four years have passed – but the bankruptcy is still in the minds of the Brazilians. On Tuesday at 20.45 clock the two national teams are facing each other again for the first time – in a friendly match in Berlin. The Seleção wants to prevent it from getting under the wheels again. Well, it’s just a test match and not a World Cup semi-final, but the Brazilians want to make amends.

“It was particularly important to coach Tite to play Germany again before the 2018 World Cup to overcome the trauma. The 1: 7 should be out of the mind. Brazil wants to show that it can keep up with Germany, “said Cacau, a native of Brazil and former German international.

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