Exercise : Can I eat carbohydrates during exercise?

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Diet is a topic that nowadays athletes are burning interested. Trends such as protein food , low carb , paleo , vegan and gluten-free diets have also made headlines among athletes in recent years. As a recreational athlete, one thing is especially important: do not complicate nutrition!

This also applies to the long-devilished carbohydrates. As energy suppliers, they make sure that your glycogen stores are replenished before and after training. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates are essential for a powerful body. Not all carbohydrates have the same energy value, so you should eat mostly complex carbohydrates like whole grains.

In training you may therefore also take carbohydrates . From a training period of 90 minutes, this is even recommended to keep your energy level. Ideal are Powergels, as they often use long-distance runners. These consist mainly of maltodextrin, water and fructose and thus provide fast energy in training. However, it usually takes 25 minutes for your body to utilize the nutrients. Therefore, it makes sense to eat enough carbohydrate before training if your workout only takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


When should I eat carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates depend on their complexity and timing. Before exercise, your last meal should be at least an hour behind. So your body is no longer engaged in digestion during your workout. Ideal is a snack of yogurt and some fruit. The proteins and the fructose , so carbohydrates, are optimal energy sources later in training.

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You should reduce these carbohydrates:

  • Sweets:Most sweets contain simple sugars and many saturated fats. You should keep your hands off this when you’re in training. Of course, exceptions rule the rule, from time to time you should treat yourself to a piece of chocolate, preferably bitter chocolate .
  • Chips: Ingeneral, all the Knabberkram has great addictive character. Unfortunately, Chips & Co contain extra salt and fats in addition to simple carbohydrates. So they are not good energy suppliers. If you want to nibble something, choose natural cashew nuts  instead of the salted version.
  • White flour products:White flour is in many products that we consume daily. White flour products provide few nutrients compared to whole grains.


What are good carbohydrates?

There is an increasing distinction between good and bad carbohydrates . It depends on how complex the carbohydrates are and how high the potential energy gain is for you. Optimal carbohydrate suppliers are for example chickpeas . These not only give you good carbohydrates, but also bring with you a greater amount of vegetable protein.

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