Microsoft Surface: Patent describes foldable dual-display smartphone

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The fact that Microsoft has not completely given up smartphones and continues to work on a novel Surface device, persists in the rumor mill – but not without reason. The topic receives a new impetus from a patent awarded to Microsoft, which describes a foldable dual-display smartphone.

From different-looking smartphones that will not look like today’s phones, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella spoke in May of last year when he vaguely commented on home-grown smartphones as part of an education event. There are still no tangible details about Microsoft’s plans, the rumor mill is occasionally fueled by individual statements, discoveries in software or as now descriptions in patents.

Specializing in patents website Patently Mobile reported a Microsoft awarded at patent for a foldable smartphone with two displays and sophisticated camera system that could possibly come as a new Surface device with ARM processor and Windows 10 on ARM to the market.

In the technical drawings of the patent, a smartphone is described with two attached on a hinge display halves. The device opens like a book and reveals two displays that, according to the sketches, give a large screen. When closed, either magnets or a spring mechanism should hold the two halves together.

Camera disappears into groove

In order for the device to be closed flush, a groove had to be milled on the right side of the display, which accommodates the slightly protruding camera system of the left half of the display. It should be a sophisticated camera system for detecting the position, position and movements of the head, which also detects gestures and is equipped with a camera for recording depth information. Also a night vision function should give it according to the description in the patent. Even at Lumia times, Microsoft wanted to bring Kinect-like features on a smartphone, but gave up this project ultimately.

The unnamed dual-display smartphone is compatible with keyboards, mice, and controllers, and could thus function as a kind of mini-notebook or Xbox game streaming receiver. After manufacturers such as Asus, HP or Lenovo unveiled proprietary solutions for Windows 10 on ARM earlier this year based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform , the device described in the patent, as part of the Surface family, may have Microsoft’s own interpretation of this new product class Devices with ARM processor will be.

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