Gmail: New look and emails with expiration date

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Soon there will be a new user interface at Gmail. Also planned is a “Confidential Mode” for e-mails, with which the messages can be deleted on request.

Google is planning a redesign of its email client Gmail. Already in advance, there is a new feature for interest: Google is to plan among other things, a new option, thanks to which e-mails can be classified as “confidential” – and disappear after reading. Thus, the “Confidential Mode” should allow users to specify whether the recipient can forward the e-mail, download and print. Even the copying and reinserting of e-mail content can be prevented.

In addition, there should be an option in which the e-mail “destroyed itself” after reading: The e-mail disappears after reading from the inbox of the recipient. The sender can determine how long the e-mail remains visible before it becomes unreadable or disappears from the mailbox. Also, the additional backup of individual e-mails with a password should be possible.

Whether the confidentiality function but also works for recipients who do not receive their own mails via Gmail, is currently not known, according to Techcrunch .

The redesign of Gmail is expected for the next few weeks. Whether and when the confidentiality mode with the users appears, is not yet clear.

Last summer, Google had already surprised with the announcement tarnished ads within Gmail based on Gmail data .

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