Roche confirms five deaths in drug study

Five people who have been treated with hemolibra hemoglobin have died in recent years. Roche confirms corresponding reports.

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According to the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, five patients treated with hemolibra hemoglobin have died in recent years. There are five adults, Roche confirmed on Wednesday corresponding reports on patient Internet portals.

In the opinion of the doctors, however, there is in no case a connection between the treatment with the remedy for the hemophilia and the deaths. One of them occurred in 2016 and two each in 2017 and 2018. Two patients already received the drug during the clinical trials because they were particularly seriously ill.

Several patient internet portals have reported being notified of five deaths by Roche subsidiary Genentech. Patients were enrolled in a Hemlibra Phase III study, according to a letter from Roche published on Wednesday by the US patient organization Hemophilia Federation of America.

Slight minus on the stock market

Hemlibra is a treatment for hemophilia. In these patients, the blood clotting is disturbed. They therefore bleed longer than healthy people.

Hemlibra has been on the market in the USA since November 2017 and, according to the annual report, achieved sales of 3 million Swiss francs by the end of the year. Roche described the introduction as successful in the statement of consolidated earnings. In addition to the US, the pharmaceutical company recently reached the approval of Hemlibra in the EU and in Japan.

At the Swiss stock exchanges, Roche’s participation certificate yielded slightly more than the market as a whole until 11 o’clock with a minus of 2 percent.

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