Microsoft scam: 40-year-old is falling for cyber fraud

BUOCHS ⋅ A 40-year-old woman has been the victim of Internet fraud scammers over the weekend. The damage: 2800 francs. The cantonal police once again warned against the Microsoft scam.

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Cybersecurity : A stranger made a phone call to the victim in English as a Microsoft employee. He informed the injured party that their computer had been “hacked” and that there was now a virus on the computer. After the caller convinced the wife that he was actually a Microsoft employee, the victim granted the trickster access to her computer. The cantonal police Nidwalden informs on Monday.

By means of a computer program it was then possible for the fraudster to gain access to the computer of the injured party from a distance. For the repair of the computer, the supposed Microsoft employee demanded a total of 2800 francs – paid in iTunes prepaid cards. This claim was complied with the injured party and sent the caller the corresponding prepaid codes. Thereupon the contact with the unknown was broken off.

Since the beginning of the year, the cantonal police Nidwalden have received several reports from people in the canton, according to which unknown callers would have reported to them and have spent it as a Microsoft employee. But there were no money transfers until now. It is a concern of the canton police Nidwalden that no further citizens and / or citizens become victims of these trick fraudsters. Therefore, the following behavioral tips should be followed:

  • Be suspicious of people who call you without being asked.
  • It should be noted that Microsoft never makes unannounced or unsolicited support calls to troubleshoot computer problems.
  • Never make money transfers due to a phone call with an unknown person.
  • Do not give any information to any unknown person about your family or financial circumstances, not even via the Internet.
  • If a caller sounds suspicious, inform the police immediately.

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