ATP : Stan Wawrinka threatens fall from the top 100!

In the coming weeks, the tour is all about sand tournaments. For Stan Wawrinka is extremely much at stake. The recently battered Swiss has many points to defend.

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Under the wing of fitness coach Pierre Paganini, Stan Wawrinka has been beating in Monte Carlo for the last few days . Sweaty from the exercises, but with a smile on his face, the 33-year-old shows up on Instagram . Stan is preparing for his comeback that he plans at the ATP 1000 tournament in Madrid in early May.

He is likely to sweat not only because of Paganini’s fitness program, but also when looking at the tournament schedule of the coming weeks and the world rankings. None of the top players has relatively more points to defend on sand than Wawrinka!

The triple major winner, currently still the number 21 in the world, threatens the free fall in the ATP ranking, if he succeeds in no good sand season. Of his 1785 counters are up to the French Open in mid-June their 1640 or 91 percent at stake.

Sticking points are Roland Garros and Geneva

The big challenges for Stan Wawrinka will be the weeks from May 21 to June 10. Then he loses the 250 points from the Geneva victory and the 1200 points from the Roland Garros final from the standings. If he flies early this year, even the crash from the top 100 is very realistic.

By comparison, Sand high flyer Rafa Nadal has to defend significantly more with 4680 sand points, but in the Spaniard they account for only 53 percent of his total. Even the weakening Novak Djokovic (ATP 13) has significantly less pressure with 64 percent sand points.

For Stan Wawrinka are delicate weeks. After six months injury break, he does not get in January / February in the gears. He loses four of seven games and has to operate his knee again. As the “NZZ” writes, Stan should now be free of complaints again.

This is also badly needed for the future, if he wants to push again into those spheres of the top 10, where he was always classified between May 2013 and January 2018.

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