SUPER LEAGUE : GC separates from coach Murat Yakin

The connection between Murat Yakin and the Grasshoppers is already over after almost eight months. The coach must leave the record champions immediately. An interim trio takes over.

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In recent weeks, the Grasshoppers have once again been shaken by unsavory internal power and trench battles. Stephan Anliker responded with the fourth coach dismissal of his four-year term. The chairman of GC and the ice hockey club skating club Langenthal has separated in turn from Michael Skibbe, Pierluigi Tami, Carlos Bernegger and now the former Basel coach Murat Yakin. With Murat also his brother and assistant coach Hakan Yakin must leave the club.

“We are on a good way. We have a new coach with Muri. He works consistently and carries the winner gene in himself. “This is how the head of the club commented in the March issue of the club magazine” GC Inside “. Anliker wiped the incongruities already beginning to emerge as “minor or major storms” off the table. A series of missteps on all levels later, the weather conditions feel different.

A win in nine games

Sporty, the situation after a so far completely flawed second round for some time delicate. After only one win in nine rounds, the margin compared to the bottom of the table Sion only four points. At the same time, the interpersonal working climate approached the freezing point. Two Yakin-scrapped foreign players retaliated with verbal frontal attacks and literally kicked off a Yakin countdown.

Runar Sigurjonsson, now working in St. Gallen, accused his ex-coach of «a kindergarten game», a few days later, the surplus defender Milan Vilotic put in the team chat. There was talk of “shameless games” and a “destroyed team spirit”. Via unknown channels Vilotics billing the newspaper “Blick” was leaked.

No one felt it necessary to stop the targeted destabilization of Yakin from the governing body. The presidential support was missing, sports director Mathias Walther remained silent, CEO Manuel Huber also commented on the affair. The disassembly progressed. Daily appeared on various portals internals; The GC expert of the Tages-Anzeiger knew almost everything about the contents of each Bureau meeting.

Due to the unofficial water level reports from the leadership, the scandal was literally on the rise, especially as the long-time financier Heinz Spross on Tuesday last week, his withdrawal from the shareholders decided. The 30 percent shareholder was the most influential representative of the Pro Yakin faction and would have welcomed a sequel to the original hopper.

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