Champions League. Barcelona – AS Roma: Monchi believes in the feat

The former goalkeeper now AS Roma's sporting director has once again expressed his particular style about the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Barcelona next Tuesday at 8 pm 45. Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, alias Monchi, knows that defeating the Barcelona ogre will not be easy, but that does not stop him from being convinced that hope is still possible.

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Monchi, the sports director of AS Roma, said it was “not impossible” for his team to eliminate Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, although he jokingly recalled that the Barça had, with Messi, “a 10 which is good enough” .

Leaving the loser, out of the question

“If I talk with my head, I say it’s very difficult. Because if it’s not the best team in the world, it’s the second one. So they are more likely than us, ” said the Spaniard in a meeting last week in Rome with the foreign press.

“But if I speak with the heart, I think we can do it. And a little with the head too. Because I see that the approach of the game, our players, our staff have a behavior a little different from 2 weeks ago, ” he added.

“The first thing you need to beat Barça is conviction. And in the locker room, nobody thinks it’s impossible. It’s a good start. After that it must be 100% in both surfaces. The mistakes always pay against this kind of teams. In addition they have a 10 which is good enough … ” , he then joked, with reference to Lionel Messi

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