Zuckerberg will testify on April 10 and 11 at the US Congress

It's not 50 it's 87 million users data

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The CEO of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, will be heard next week in front of the Congress commissions the US on the matter Cambridge Analytica concerning the misappropriation of data about users of social network.

Mark Zuckerberg will first testify on Tuesday, April 10 at a joint meeting of the Justice and Trade Committees, and the next day he will be heard by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Facebook is in the hot seat since a whistleblower revealed in mid-March that the data of 50 million subscribers of the social network had been hijacked by the London firm Cambridge Analytica who used them during the presidential campaign 2016 and the one for the Brexit referendum the same year.

Facebook has revised Wednesday this figure upwards and said that personal data of about 87 million users would have been recovered in a roundabout way by Cambridge Analytica.

“This hearing will be an opportunity to shed light on critical issues regarding the protection of user data and help Americans better understand what happens to their personal information online,” said Republican President in a statement. of commission, Greg Walden, and the first Democrat on the commission, Frank Pallone.

During a teleconference Wednesday with reporters, Mark Zuckerberg said he has not found any “significant consequences” on the use of Facebook since the scandal, nor on advertising revenue.


He added, however, “it’s not good” if people are not happy with society.

The Facebook action, which ended down 0.6% Wednesday at 155.10 dollars, gained more than 3% in off-market transactions after the closure of Wall Street .

The CEO told reporters that he accepted responsibility for the case while saying that he still thought he was the right person to lead Facebook.

“When you create something like Facebook that is unprecedented in the world, there are things you miss,” said Mark Zuckerberg. The most important thing, he added, is to learn from his mistakes.

He said he was not aware of discussions within the board of directors about his resignation. Mark Zuckerberg is the reference shareholder of Facebook, its removal would be difficult anyway if it were to be considered.

Facebook announced last month that it had suspended Cambridge Analytica’s accounts and hired forensic auditors to check whether the consulting firm still had diverted data.

The firm is summoned to learn the lessons of this scandal to stop the “information war” on its platform, for example by drawing on European rules on the protection of privacy which must come into force on next month.

In February, US authorities announced the indictment of 13 Russian nationals for using Facebook and other social networks to interfere in the campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

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