The American actress Allison Mack arrested for sex trafficking.

The 35 years old actress was arrested in New York for sex trafficking.

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Allison Mack,the 35 years old actress was arrested in New York for sex trafficking. She would have recruited women to force them to have sex with the guru of a sect.
According to  French newspapers, Allison Mack, revealed in the American television series Smallville, was arrested Friday in the United States, accused of sex trafficking for recruiting women in a cult where they were then forced to have sex with his guru Keith Raniere.
The victims were “exploited, both sexually and for their work, to the benefit of the accused”, explained the federal prosecutor of New York Richard Donoghue.
 Keith Raniere in 1998 founded an organization known as Executive Success Program (ESP), which held the workshop series whose official goal was to “achieve human potential” participants. In 2003, he created a second entity, known as Nxivm (pronounced Nexium), which was ESP, according to the complaint in mid-February by the prosecution in a federal court in Brooklyn. According to this document, participants in training sessions agreed to pay up to $ 5,000 per five-day workshop and, more often found themselves indebted to the point of having to work for Nxivm to repay them.

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