Time to travel to the cultural heritage via your Smartphone with Google new project

The cultural heritage of the world can now also be visited virtually.

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The new Google project Open Heritage captures important cultural heritage sites around the world as 3D models. So now 25 buildings in 18 countries can explore digital globetrotters – not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

As an application for PCs, smartphones or VR glasses, the application enables virtual visitors to observe the 3D models of the sights and to look around the cultural sites.

So cultural sites were recorded around the world using special technology and digitized as 3D models. From now on, users can view the results in the app or on this website .

The three-dimensional images of the buildings are generated by surveying and illumination by means of 3D scans, for which drones are also used.

Google Open Heritage was created in collaboration with Cyark, a non-profit organization that aims to digitally preserve important and threatened cultural sites for posterity.

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