Swiss economics minister Schneider-Ammann to stand down

Schneider-Ammann would not be standing for re-election to the cabinet.

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In an interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the 66-year-old Johann  Schneider-Ammann who manages the economics portfolio in the Swiss federal government has declared he intends to stand down by the time of year of 2019 at the latest  and he would not be standing for re-election to the cabinet.


“I have a clear focus: the end of the legislative period in 2019,” Schneider-Ammann told the paper.

The former industrialist, who comes from Langenthal in the canton of Bern, has served in the cabinet since 2010 and held the one-year rotating presidency in 2016.


The Liberal Radical (FDP) party minister said his goals on joining the government had been to ensure full employment, retain industry in Switzerland and help his party out of decline.

“Today, employment is higher than ever before, Swiss industry is strong and the FDP is again on the rise, “ Schneider-Ammann said.

Johann Schneider-Ammann is the second member of the seven-person federal government, after Doris Leuthard, to announce he won’t be standing for re-election in autumn 2019.

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