The independence of Catalonia leads the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affaire to visit Switzerland.

Alfonso Dastis the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, official visit to Switzerland Monday,

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Alfonso Dastis the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, official visit to Switzerland Monday,The process leading to the independence of the canton of the Jura can be an example, according to him in his speaking about the  crisis of Catalonia .

Alfonso Dastis considers when asked on the sidelines of his meeting with Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, that only a consultation at the level of the whole Spain would validate a possible independence of Catalonia.

The head of Spanish diplomacy was questioned on the example of the canton of Jura, whose independence had been gained in the 1970s at the end of a series of regional consultations, then national.

“If there is an amendment of the Constitution which we apply something similar to what we have made in Jura, I find that there is a lesson to be learned in”, he believes.

“I stand a decision of the Spain on the future of the country.”

On the other side Alfonso Dastis said: “I see how we can give reason to people who have these crazy process of unilateral proclamation of a Republic and a secession of a part of the Spain. They did that tell lies or half-truths.”

He also refuses to renew the dialogue with the Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, who had been exiled in Belgium last autumn, before being arrested in Germany end of March.

“We offered to Mr Puigdemont and his supporters to come to the Spanish Parliament, which they refused.”

Alfonso expressed on the presence in Switzerland of the Catalan Marta Rovira and Anna Gabriel representatives.

For the Minister, nothing cannot justify the Switzerland to grant them political asylum because, he says, “the Spain is a State of law.”

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