Because of Switzerland, Mswati III will rename his country.

The fact that Swaziland is repeatedly confused with Switzerland has led Mswati III to rename his country.

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In 2018, Swaziland celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence from Great Britain. Reason enough for King Mswati III. To rename his country. Swaziland should in future be called “Kingdom of eSwatini”,preventing Swaziland from getting confused with Switzerland, that is, Switzerland. reports the AFP news agency.

ESwatini means “land of Swazi” in the national language of Swazi.

The reason for the name change is to eliminate a relic from the colonial era, also to prevent Swaziland from getting confused with Switzerland, that is, Switzerland.

King Mswati III, one of the last remaining absolute monarchs in the world, announced the name change on Thursday at an independence ceremony in the city of Manzini.

Constitutional amendment possibly necessary.

For the implementation probably the constitution of the country would have to be adjusted. In addition, various institutions of the country would have to rename, such as the Royal Police of Swaziland or the University of Swaziland. (MLU)

At celebrations in a stadium, the king  Mswati III,who was crowned king in 1986 at the age of 18 said the South African country was returning to its original name. In the Swazi language eSwatini means as much as the land of Swazi. For several years one has discussed a change of name. However, the matter is not completely without it. It may require a constitutional amendment and important state institutions need to be renamed.

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