United States: Iowa adopts a law banning abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy

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Lawmakers from Iowa, mostly Republicans, have banned abortion from the moment where the heartbeats are detected. The text has yet to be enacted. This State has just passed the most restrictive law of the countries on abortion, made forbidden from the moment the heartbeat of the fetus are detected. Exceptions are made only in the case of rape or incest.

This American State Parliament passed the most restrictive law in the United States: it prohibits any voluntary interruption of pregnancy from the moment where the heartbeat of the fetus are detected.

According to Anne Corpet “This text back women in Iowa nearly half a century”, blustered the ACLU, the largest association of civil rights in the country. The latter considered that the law adopted by the Parliament of the state block in fact the right to abortion for most women. Indeed, the fetal heart can be heard from the sixth week of pregnancy, sometimes before a woman realizes she is pregnant.

“We are today a courageous step to tell the nation that Iowa will defend its most fragile, our unborn children”, has for its part considered a Republican elected to the House of representatives from Iowa. If it is signed by the Governor of the State, the text will probably be challenged in court, and it’s even the objective of supporters: they want the case goes back to the supreme court to give a chance to the judges to repeal the decision that permits abortion since 1973.

The debate on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy is more vivid in the United States. Mississippi and Kentucky have also recently adopted restrictive laws. And access to abortion is very complicated: in seven States, it not there more than a single clinic where the abortion.

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