The EU declare war on fake news !!

Brussels wants to protect democracy against disinformation in the Internet.

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Brussels wants to protect democracy against disinformation in the Internet,but sets  on self-regulation rather than a control apparatus. But the line is fine: recently sparked an EU platform against Russian propaganda accusations of censorship.

King presented the new strategy of the European Commission against fake news on Thursday in Brussels, “Internet platforms must assume a decisive role in the fight against the abuse of their infrastructure by hostile players,” King said. You would have to protect their users and the company.

In Kings home recently not only the Facebook affair around unauthorized data collections and choice advertisement by the company Cambridge Analytica resulted in headlines, but also the Russian propaganda battle for the poison attack on the former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.

When foreign players were responsible for disinformation on the Internet, then it is in fact in a combat situation, King said. «I recall that information warfare is its own dimension in Russian military doctrine.»

EU calls for code of conduct against hoaxes.

Unlike in Germany and in France, where controversial laws against fake news are already in place or planned, Brussels opts for self-regulation right now. Based on the recommendations of an expert report a forum of journalists, academics and representatives of the online industry to develop now a EU-wide code of conduct for Internet platforms such as Facebook and advertisers in July.


Brussels. The Commission calls for codes of conduct and voluntary effort of the big online companies in the fight against false messages on the Internet. Initially there will not be but binding rules.


Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google should enter a commitment until July, with whose help, false news should be sorted out, the European Commission said on Thursday.

In the future should marked political content on the Internet, are misinformation better monitored and fake accounts closed according to certain rules, Commissioner Julian King said. There was also an independent network of facts Auditors.

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