In Geneva, the complaints against the police are a listening ear.

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The Ombudsman’s office takes stock of its second year of operation. The grievances of citizens are felt as arrogant and too authoritarian behaviour especially

A citizen is upset with a law enforcement officer? A carrier of uniform has enough to get heckled? Created two years ago, the Ombudsman’s office of the Geneva police (OMP), to deal with minor conflicts and avoid prosecution disputes, was not idle. Last year, 58 cases were opened and the vast majority of complaints concerns behavioural problems attributed to the pandores. Authoritarianism, arrogance, contempt or Tu. Round-shaped stock.

Two new features

Promote listening and dialogue to ease tensions or dispel misunderstandings. This is the credo of this neutral and independent body which guarantees the confidentiality of the talks. The process is free and the parties must be voluntary. Booked initially to the cantonal police, the perimeter now expanded to municipal police forces. “There is great frustration on the part of the citizens, who do not necessarily have the difference between the uniforms,” says Fabienne Bugnon, mediating main.

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