Fire has destroyed a farmhouse in Zeiningen.

The cantonal police - the cause of the fire is still unclear.

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Fire has destroyed a farmhouse in Zeiningen. Several surrounding fire departments advanced although with a large contingent of over 100 men out, but no longer was able to save the building. The top floor collapsed, the House is completely destroyed, the damage was substantial, said Roland Pfister, media spokesman of the cantonal police Aargau on request.

The alarm went up at 8:20 at the PSAP. The cantonal police yet determined where exactly the fire broke out.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Readers images show a large column of smoke over the House, is widely seen.

As the police confirmed four people were wounded. There are two task forces of the fire brigade. One of them was even seriously injured and flown in a helicopter to the hospital.

Animals have no damage. Three horses could be brought to pasture in safety.

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