Switzerland cannot handle the rising health costs.

Switzerland in a simple word cannot handle the rising health costs.

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Switzerland in a simple word cannot handle the rising health costs. Within the twenty years between 1996 and 2016, they need increased by regarding 255.2 percent. to put an end to the current development, Philomena Colatrella, head of the CSS-Krankenkasse,  even demanded a minimum franchise of CHF 10’000 on Sunday . The proposal met with outrage throughout switzerland.

Only: According to the Swiss Federal Institute of Economic Research, the healthcare sector cost us around 84.1 billion francs in 2017. 4.1 percent more than the year before. If the costs continue to increase, the collapse threatens at some point.

One of the reasons for the increase: Since 2017, complementary medical methods such as homeopathy have also been included in primary care. The people had adopted in 2009 a corresponding constitutional article. At that time it was still hoped that with the easier access to complementary medicine health costs would decrease.

But it turned out differently. The complementary medicine caused additional costs of 30 million francs last year, as Sandra Kobelt, spokeswoman for health insurance Santésuisse, confirmed to BLICK.

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