Tesla Builder Recalls 123,000 Model S Vehicles

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Already in turmoil after the fatal accident caused by the autopilot of one of his cars, Tesla this time reminding vehicles for excessive corrosion.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla, in turmoil due to doubts about its future and a fatal accident involving one of its autonomous vehicles, announced Thursday the recall of 123,000 vehicles in its Model S range.


In an email sent to customers holding one of these vehicles, the US group said it would voluntarily recall 123,000 vehicles in the Model S range manufactured before April 2016.


Tesla explained to its customers that excessive corrosion was observed on the power steering bolts of these models, but only in areas with very cold climates.


However, the group said it had decided to call all the vehicles concerned throughout the world in a preventive way, to make repairs. No accidents were reported and no one was injured as a result of this corrosion, Tesla said in the message, saying the intervention on each vehicle should last about an hour.

Tesla in turmoil

This new event adds to the already big questions surrounding the group founded in 2003 and led by the charismatic entrepreneur of South African origin Elon Musk.


The NTSB, the US transport regulator, opened an investigation Tuesday following a fatal accident involving a Tesla vehicle in the city of Mountain View, California.


The investigation is particularly interested in the Autopilot system, which allows a certain number of maneuvers without the intervention of the driver.


In 2016, an American motorist had already died while driving a Tesla Model S sedan equipped with Autopilot.


Tesla is also experiencing production problems with Model 3 , its new entry-level vehicle meant to pave the way for mass production.

The rating agency Moody’s has decided this week to lower the group’s financial strength rating to “Caa1” against “B3” previously while adding a “negative” outlook , suggesting that rating plans to degrade it further in the medium term. On Wall Street, Tesla shares lost more than 20% in one month.

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