Job change: Apple grabs Google’s search engine and AI boss

John Giannandrea will in future work in Cupertino, among others, at the language assistant Siri and self-driving cars. The decision was apparently announced company boss Tim Cook himself.

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Apple has made in the search for a big catch: In the future, a high Google employees working for the iPhone producers. Just a few days ago, John Giannandrea resigned his post as Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Technology teams at the Internet giant. Now it is clear that he is hiring in Cupertino.

As reported by the New York Times , Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a memo to the employees themselves. Giannandrea will immediately set Apple’s “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy” and become one of the top 16 executives of the Become a company. He reports directly to Cook.

The memo goes on to say that Giannandrea shares Apple’s “Privacy Commitment” and Apple’s “prudent approach” when it comes to making computers “ever smarter and more personal”. That’s “the values ​​that matter to us,” Cook asserted.

With the People, Apple shows that the Group is serious in the AI ​​sector. At first he was at the forefront with the language assistant Siri, but this is considered technically inferior to competitors like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. In addition , Apple has long been researching autonomous vehicles .

Giannandrea is 53 years old and originally from Scotland. He joined Google in 2010 as part of the acquisition of startup Metaweb – a company that wanted to build a huge knowledge base. Their parts are now in the Google search and make it possible to ask direct questions. AI research has become increasingly important to Google over the past few years, which should make the loss of Giannandrea a pain for the group. In addition to the field of search technology, the manager is said to have worked on autonomous cars for Google.

Giannandrea is well known in the Silicon Valley – before Metaweb he founded other companies like TellMe. In the nineties, he was also at the Apple employees founded company General Magic, before he went to the browser manufacturer Netscape.

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