Apple should pay $ 502 million to patent reclaimers

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According to a recent ruling, Apple has to pay half a billion dollars to Virnetx. For eight years, the two parties are already in the clinch because of patent infringements. Virnetx, which are generally perceived as a patent role, Apple had already sued in 2017 to 439 million.

Apple was ordered today by a Texas federal court to pay $ 502.6 million to the patent vendor Virnetx. It covers four patents related to secure communication technologies at iMessenger, Facetime, and VPN on Demand, as reported by Bloomberg .

The dispute between the two companies is now in its eighth year. Apple was ordered to pay $ 439 million to Virnetx last year , but Apple’s appeal is still pending (Swiss IT Magazine reported). Whether the group really has to pay the sum of the current verdict, is still pending, since the US Patent Office had actually declared the patents vetoed as early as 2016. However, a final validation of the patents is still pending. First of all, Virnetx has been able to record one of the biggest jumps in the company’s history through media reports about the current stage win.

Virnetx does not produce anything, but sells patent licenses and has already raised millions of dollars in this business. In 2014, 23 million came from a patent dispute to Virnetx, and in 2010 they received $ 200 million from Microsoft . However, against Cisco, Virnetx lost a case in 2013.

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