Amazon’s Netflix killer is now starting in Switzerland as well

Good news for Swiss serial junkies: After Netflix and Sky Show, Amazon Prime Video has been available to us without restriction since April. Consumers benefit from low prices for the serial flat rate, but the Amazon employees have nothing to laugh about.

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Amazon’s video streaming service (Amazon Prime) is in Netflix’s long shadow. The reason is simple: since the end of 2016 Swiss could use Prime Video, but only had access to Amazon’s original series. The film and series offer was accordingly severely limited. Now it is over.

Amazon Prime Video has been running since April with us with a comprehensive series and film offer – and this without a VPN. Geoblocking, meaning the blocking of series for Swiss users, has been quietly deactivated.

The background is evidently the EU end of geo-blocking , which came into force on 1 April 2018. Chargeable streaming services such as Netflix, Sky or even Amazon Prime Video had to deactivate geoblocking from 1 April, so that EU citizens can also watch their series abroad. We also benefit from this. Who is already Prime users who must country setting at best on Switzerland change to prevent the geoblocking and the offer directly via retrieve.

Amazon is the world’s strongest competitor to Netflix . In the last 24 months, the Internet giant has massively expanded its offer for streaming. Especially in own productions flows a lot of money. For example, Amazon has secured the rights to a “The Lord of the Rings” series – for around $ 250 million.

Amazon Prime scores internationally with probably the largest catalog of about 12,000 titles. Currently about 4300 films and 1700 series are to be available in German-speaking countries. The flat rate offer Prime Video, however, the number of series is manageable. Series hits like “Westworld” or “Game of Thrones” are in vain. These can be streamed abroad via Amazon, but you pay extra for it. For the movies, it looks a bit better at first, but like Netflix, it’s mostly older ones.

This is how Amazon Prime Video works

You can watch Prime Video like Netflix in the browser on the laptop or via prime video app on smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG as well as tablets and smartphones. Of course, series and movies can also be streamed to older TVs with streaming sticks like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Google’s Chromecast.

Even owners of a Playstation, Xbox or Apple TV box can stream Prime Video to the TV. A list of all supported devices can be found here .

Amazon Prime Cheaper than Netflix

If you log on to with your Amazon password, you can try Prime Video for free for seven days. Amazon offers the monthly subscription for the series flatrate at the introductory price of 2.99 euros , which equates to 3.25 francs. After the first six months, the subscription costs 5.99 euros, or around 7.20 francs. For comparison: Netflix costs the basic subscription 11.90, the standard subscription 15.90 and the premium subscription 19.90 francs.

Prime Video Memberships paid through iTunes or Google Play are not eligible for this promotion. To save money, you should always close streaming subscriptions directly with the provider (Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc.) and not in the app stores Apple or Google.

The Amazon subscription is automatically extended as usual for streaming services. If you do not want the video membership to be renewed, you can disable it in the account settings on the Prime Video website. The subscription can also be terminated at any time in the account settings.

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