Apple Watch: heart rate measurement provokes patent dispute

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Omni MedSci, a medical start-up based in Michigan, sued Apple for alleged patent infringement. Specifically, there are four patents, all of which describe the measurement of the heart rate using a light source. That’s exactly how the Apple Watch measures. Brisante detail: The boss of the enterprise, doctor Mohammed N. Islam, states on the record to have exchanged exactly this technology with Apple managers in the past years, among other things with Greg Joswiak.

The talks took place between 2014 and 2016. At this time, the patent applications Omni MedSci had not yet been awarded. In the meantime, however, this had happened. Islam apparently wanted to work with Apple (and license the technology). But Apple canceled the contact without comment. One of the patents also relates to the determination of blood sugar, a feature that one of the coming generations of the Apple Watch with could be provided .

Islam has court experience. In the past he had already sued Nokia, Huawei and Verizon. It is no surprise then that after the first meetings with Apple employees, Islam has revised its patent applications with terms such as “wearable” and “LED light source”. That was in June 2014. The Apple Watch debuted about three months later.

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