Application : the question that can get you the job

Always ask this question at the end of a job interview, say career experts

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Application ∼ In the interview you want to show that you are enthusiastic about the job and the company. This is best done by signaling that you already see yourself as part of the company and think about what role you will play in the development of the company.

Ask this two-part question at the end of the job interview to make it clear to your staff when you apply :

“What is the biggest challenge of this company and how can I help to master it?”

Experts recommend this question for a successful application

“When you ask how you can contribute to solving specific problems, you show that you are already thinking about what you can do in your new job,” said career and biography expert Andrea Gerson on Business Insider.

Vicki Salemi , career expert at, had similar advice for those who are currently applying.

“Ask how you can do the best job in your position and be valuable to the business,” she told Business Insider. “It shows that you are ambitious and want to know how to be among the best.”

The values ​​of the company and the applicant should be the same

She also said, “You should try to find out what the company attaches great importance to, and if it matches your values. If you have something that is of the utmost importance to you, then you should definitely find out when applying whether that is so important for the company. ”

But it’s not just about whether you agree with the employer’s prioritization. If you can set up a battle plan that will show you the way to success in the business, it will help you much later. Not least because it gives you clarity on how your salary is composed and how it will develop in the future.

Already at the application for evaluation ask

Of course, you do not want to sound like you’re expecting big promotion in the next three months after you’ve applied, says Salemi. But you definitely need to know how the firm measures your performance and how that translates into your compensation . Do not be afraid to ask what the evaluation process looks like. How does the company rate the success of its employees?

The more smart questions you can ask in the interview, the better. So you get all the relevant information and also learn whether your expectations match those of the company.

“You always have to ask questions,” says Salemi. “The worst thing you can do is ask no questions in the end.”

Credits : Business Insider


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