“Lighter is better”: Racism accusations against Heineken

The Dutch brewing giant Heineken is in the US because of a commercial for light beer in the criticism.

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With racist allegations and boycott calls, the Dutch brewer Heineken is currently facing in social networks. The reason for this is a current commercial. Under the title “Sometimes lighter is better”, the company promotes a new, low-calorie beer.

The 30 second long spot (video below) shows a bartender pushing a beer bottle over a counter. The Heineken passes three dark-skinned persons, before finally arriving at a fair-skinned woman. She holds the 99-calorie beer with a smile on her face. Then it says: “Sometimes, lighter is better”.

“Terribly racist”

On Facebook and Twitter, advertising has triggered a veritable shitstorm. The well-known African American rapper Chance, for example, called the campaign “Dreadfully Racist” and received a lot of popularity with 15,000 likes.

Many called for not buying Heineken products anymore. Heineken has meanwhile responded to the allegations and removed the commercial from the program. “We were not aware of that, we take the feedback to heart and will pay more attention to it in the future,” said a company spokesman.

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