With this simple exercise you can reduce stress immediately – it only takes a few minutes

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Most people think that stress is an automatic response to stressful situations. That is not completely correct. Stress arises when our brain interprets these situations in a certain way.

So there is no bad weather, only bad clothes? It’s not that easy. Of course there are stressful environments. Especially in the workplace noise, chaos and constant interruptions can be a serious health threat.

Nevertheless, there are people who can stay relaxed and concentrate in the midst of this chaos. To achieve this state of serenity, more and more professionals use meditation.

However, those who can not meditate for 30 to 60 minutes a day need not completely forego the benefits of this relaxation technique. You can temporarily relieve the stress with a simple trick.

Reduce stress with emotions

This trick uses the so-called “anchor effect”. When we experience a particularly emotional situation, our brains associate these feelings with the sensory impressions in our environment, for example with smells, sounds or visual stimuli. It forms an anchor through which it can retrieve the emotions over and over again.

The more intense the emotion, the stronger the anchor. For example, if you hear a particular song in an emotional moment, you will experience that feeling over and over again when you hear the song. Your brain has linked the song to this feeling.

According to a Rutgers University study,  you can use such anchors to relax in stressful situations. Try to remember happy moments for as few minutes as possible every day. Remember what you have heard and seen in this moment.

A gesture helps to relax you

When you have internalized that feeling, make a gesture with your hand that you normally do not normally do, such as pointing your index finger to your nose. If you repeat this often enough, your brain will create an anchor from the happy feelings to the gesture.

If you come back to a stressful situation then you can just put your index finger on your nose and you will remember that feeling. So you take a moment break and can relax in this emotional rush.

There is only one catch: you have to renew this anchor regularly with positive emotions, otherwise your brain will connect the gesture with stress. So you have, so to speak, a passbook of positive emotions that you can use whenever you need them.

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