Here’s a perfect answer to the dreaded question in job interviews

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Good preparation is the alpha and omega, even when applying . These include proper application documents, the perfect cover letter, the impeccable curriculum vitae , the right clothes – and of course the preparation for the questions that HR managers will definitely ask us in the job interview .

Some questions are relatively easy to answer, for example the  question of weaknesses and strengths  or where we will see each other in five years . There are numerous tips and tricks that can be found on the Internet. However, it becomes difficult when the potential new supervisor asks why you want to give up your old job.

Application: “Why do you want to change your employer?”

Do not rely on the question being asked when applying : according to a survey conducted by the career portal ” Simply Hired “, 56 percent of all HR professionals ask this question in an interview.

But what is the right way? Be honest and say that the boss is a tyrant? That your colleagues annoy you or that your tasks are too boring? Better not, because then the recruiter asks most likely, whether you ‘re the problem.

In general, blasphemy in the interview is not a good idea, as it turned out in the same survey. 88 percent of all personnel said they blaspheme the former boss was an absolute no-go. 92 percent also said that an applicant who complains has worse chances of getting the job.

So you answer correctly when applying for the job change question

So what should you answer when applying ? Here, too, the personnel are largely agreed. According to 78 percent of respondents, the best answer is:

“I have a desire to take more responsibility and drive my career forward.”

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The sentence is clear, clear and blasphemous. Even better, it shows that you are motivated and ready to start the new job with great commitment. Who would you rather hire? Someone who blasphemes about his boss and his colleagues and who might do it with you later, or someone who wants to do more work and is totally committed? I agree.

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