The electronic vaccination card is being used more and more.

the number of dossiers is now over 150,000; this corresponds to an increase of 20 percent within one year.

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Since 2017, the Foundation for My Vaccinations with the support of the BAG carries out a sensitization campaign in the medical practices. The campaign will continue in 2018 in the practices, which have great potential in terms of patient numbers. Today, almost 6000 health professionals already use the electronic vaccination certificate.

The German Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) writes in a memorandum on Monday that the electronic version of the e-vaccination passport will require significant efforts. It therefore supports a sensitization campaign in medical practices.

The electronic vaccination card facilitates the work of all health professionals involved in vaccine counseling. The software is able to analyze the vaccinations given to a patient and then make recommendations on the missing vaccines. It thus enables an important time gain. Their reliability is also guaranteed, as the recommendations always comply with the latest version of the Swiss Vaccination Plan.

The electronic vaccination card also offers patients several advantages. The risk of misleading the document, unlike the paper version is no longer, and you can access the electronic vaccination card anywhere and at any time. This can be very useful on a trip, but also in an emergency, as it can avoid duplicate and unnecessary vaccinations. You can also be notified by e-mail or text message when a recommended booster dose is due.

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