How to lose weight while having fun?

Are you tired of diets that make you starve? In her new book, Dr. Laurence Plumey, a nutritionist, teaches you how to eat balanced while you feast.

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High protein diet, vegetarian diet, soup diet … You have tried everything (or almost) in terms of diet and yet nothing works. Even if you lose weight in the beginning, the pounds come back after a few months. In fact, when the level of caloric intake is strongly and rapidly lowered, the body looks for calories in the muscles and then in fat, and saves its own basic calorie expenditure. This promotes the storage of fat, says Dr. Laurence Plumey, nutritionist doctor of Hospitals of Paris, in his book “How to lose weight happy when you do not like sports or vegetables?”. To avoid this, the nutritionist recommends first of all to analyze the reason for its weight gain (stress, sedentary lifestyle,…) and adapt his regime according to that. Indeed, ” there is no single solution in terms of diet, we must find the one that suits everyone.My diet is a diet” pleasure “which consists of a rebalancing food because people do not know how to eat balanced . There are no consequent deficiency or fatigue. the person simply learns to become independent in food and will thus follow this diet over the long term . ”

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