Losing weight: That is why stars swear by the Sonoma diet

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Not only Jennifer Aniston is a fan of the Sonoma diet: balanced and deliberate nutrition, the pounds tumble and then stay away.

For Hollywood greats such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston, it has already shown its effect: The sonoma diet of nutritionist Connie Guttersen is therefore not without reason many supporters. She was named after a small town in California, which is committed to the slow way of life.

Therefore, the Sonoma diet is not about starving down excess pounds, but about developing an awareness of nutrition.

Sonoma Diet: No counting of calories necessary

That’s why you do not have to worry about calories in the Sonoma diet, positive affects you achieve with a balanced diet and adapted portion sizes:

For breakfast, your plate should not exceed a diameter of 18 cm – a cereal bowl with 475 ml is also fine. For lunch and dinner you can then use a plate with 23 cm diameter.

The waves of the Sonoma diet

For the Sonoma diet to be a complete change in diet, it runs in three phases, which Guttersen calls waves.

  • 1st Wave
    The 1st phase is the hardest. It lasts 10 days and should adjust the body thanks to Detox on his new diet. During the first wave, you should therefore remove all industrially processed foods from your diet. Also white flour-containing food and alcohol are taboo. Above all, sugar should be avoided during this time, even on the naturally occurring in food. Fruit, wine and some vegetables should therefore not be eaten. Whole grains, eggs, seafood, lean meat, green vegetables, olive oil and much more are allowed.


  • 2nd Wave
    Starting on Day 11, it will continue with the same foods as in the 1st Wave, but you can re-integrate some things into your diet. These include, for example, some fruits and vegetables, honey and sugar-free snackssuch as dark chocolate. You can also treat yourself to a glass of wine occasionally. In this phase, it’s about letting the pounds tumble – until you have reached your desired weight.


  • 3rd Wave
    If you’re happy, it’s about keeping your weight and keeping your new diet permanently in your life. You can experiment with different types of fruit and fatty sweets as a rare treat. Since your metabolism has changed in the meantime, you no longer have to pay attention to the portion sizes and can eat normally again.

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