Health : Why do not eat sushi during pregnancy period?

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The problem with sushi for pregnant women is – of course – the raw or smoked fish.

These can harbor listeria – invisible to the eye bacteria that can trigger a gastrointestinal-like infection. Normally this is not a problem for your immune system, but in pregnancy the risk is 13 times higher to get sick. And the bacteria are so dangerous that they multiply even at refrigerator temperatures. Such listeriosis pathogens can be found except in raw and smoked fish, especially in raw milk products and raw poultry. Since you can not find Listeria from the outside or through odors, you should rather avoid these foods during pregnancy.

By the way, in pregnant women the symptoms of listeriosis are rather like a flu effect and do not seem to be really bad – but listeriosis can spread to the unborn child via the mother cake and in the worst case result in stillbirth!

Raw fish and food poisoning

Even if you are not pregnant, you should always make sure that the standards of hygiene and health are respected in the restaurant of your choice. Especially with raw fish products, the risk of food poisoning is high. Numerous “fresh” fish have a long journey from distant lands behind them. Although a high price does not always mean better hygiene, you should not save on the quality of raw fish enjoyment. Because not only for pregnant women, food poisoning is a torture.

Which products are taboo?

During pregnancy, there are long lists that dictate what is allowed and what is not. First, you should consult your gynecologist and then weigh yourself for what you feel like. Basically, you should keep your hands off the following products:

  • Raw meat products: Tatar, poultry
  • Raw fish products: sushi
  • Smoked Salmon & Matjes
  • Raw sausages: salami
  • Swordfish (mercury content)
  • liver

That does not mean that you should not eat fish or poultry. Everything that is well cooked, baked or fried, you can and should continue to enjoy. The nutrients in fish and meat are valuable during pregnancy – and otherwise.

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