Google releases new top level domain .app now

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The search engine operator Google .app responsible is even longer for the top level domain, has not offered so far but the free registration this. That is changing now. As communicated by Google in the official Hausblog, developers, agencies and individuals now on the new extension can access and register corresponding domains if necessary.

A few years ago had secured more than two dozen top level domains which Google and with these very different objectives. One of the TLDs held by Google picks up from the operation immediately and can be registered by any interested. app, the first own according to TLD with integrated and comprehensive security.

The .app domain differs in one point dramatically from similar TLDs. Web pages that are offered here, need to talk and provide a secure connection HTTPS. Conditions that are unprecedented, must be met for the use of extensions shared now for registration mandatory.

The sense and nonsense of the numerous new TLDs was discussed several years ago, but now they are there now and have not really changed much. Also Google has himself some time ago several dozen TLDs, where especially also secured ‘. “Google”, which is used among others in Google’s Enterprise blog is in the foreground. It had only secured the present .app TLD in the second round of $25 million.

Google gave the go-ahead for the .app TLD with today’s may 1. The domain but not bound to apps, but can be registered as usual by any person and any organization. App developers should be now of course quickly if they are interested in, but it is not to assume that Google will prefer the domains in any manner or apply. The advantage is only, that man again draw from the full pool and secure a domain name easy to remember.

A new feature is that for .app HSTS is enabled by default, so that there will be only https domains. All other benefits, see list above, enter only on the benefits of the early start and the many free domains. If you want, can reserve from now until May 7. Domains under this TLD are freely available from the 8th of May. At an early stage of the test, which ran since middle of March the first partner have can register already.

Preferential treatment to 7 may

Interested parties can now register their desired domains on the Web page and rejoice until May 7 on a preferential treatment. Until then, Google is an early access program under which the desired address via an additional fee can be reserve. The official launch of the registry and the availability of all providers will start then on next Tuesday.

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