“Dreamship” captain Siegfried Rauch is dead

The actor Siegfried Rauch died at the age of 85. Whether a stair fall was the cause of death or the dream ship captain died of a heart attack is unclear.

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From Singapore to Puerto Rico: Siegfried Rauch has made the “dream ship” known to millions of people. Even in old age, the Bayer was still in front of the camera or on stage. Now he died at the age of 85 years at his place of residence south of Munich.

When Siegfried Rauch talked about his life, that sounded mostly pragmatic: when he wanted to break off his studies in architecture in Munich, he was stopped by the good and cheap lunch at the university, he told shortly before his 85th birthday. So he just studied something different and came across detours to acting. Not least the 14 years on the command bridge of the ZDF “Traumschiff” made him one of the most popular German actors.

Rauch was also pragmatic when it came to life and death. Fate has everything in hand, he was sure. And also that there was “something between heaven and earth,” “something we can not quite grasp,” was for him. However, he did not want to be surprised by these forces and therefore chose a beautiful place in the cemetery many years ago – with an Alpine view. According to the information provided by his manager, Rauch died at the age of 85 on a stairway fall in his home town of Untersöchering south of Munich on Sunday evening.

The role of the “dreamboat” captain Jakob Paulsen has shaped the life of Bavaria and probably best suited him. Captain Paulsen was never in a bad mood, he was never unfriendly, always helpful and friendly. The uniform neat and dazzling white, plus this trustworthy smile – smoke has never forgotten that look. “A captain must have something fatherly,” Rauch once said – and with his calm and serenity that also broadcast.

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