Ford Mustang BULLITT by Steve McQueen

Ford Mustang BULLITT Special Edition unveiled in Geneva - Sale in Europe starts earlier this year.

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Ford has presented the European version of the Ford Mustang Bullitt to the Geneva Motor Show. The limited special edition is a tribute to the film classic “Bullitt” shot exactly 50 years ago, in which the legendary pony car starred alongside title-star Steve McQueen.

“Nothing embodies the spirit and fascination of the Mustang as much as the unique pursuit in blockbuster ‘Bullitt’,” said Steven Armstrong, vice president of the Ford Motor Company and president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “The new Mustang Bullitt delivers just that unbridled power, and when it comes on the market this year with more power and top-notch equipment, it radiates the same coolness with every millimeter of sheet metal as the incomparable Steve McQueen.”

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The new Ford Mustang Bullitt pays tribute to the legendary Mustang GT Fastback, which starred in the 1968 thriller starring Steve McQueen. The most famous scene in the film – and probably the most well-known car chase in cinema history – is the ten-minute sequence in which Steve McQueen chases two killers down the Lombard Street and other steep streets of San Francisco at the wheel of a Mustang GT Fastback. The hunt through the streets of San Francisco is still one of the biggest and best scenes of the genre for cinema fans.

As early as 2001 and 2008, Ford had put a Mustang Bullitt special edition on the wheels in honor of this classic film. Just like the third edition, which is now presented in Geneva, the other two also stood out with more powerful engines, classic Torq Thrust-style rim designs, exclusive styling features and select body colors – including the Dark Highland Green, known from the film – clearly from their serial counterparts.

The new Mustang Bullitt comes exclusively with manual six-speed gearbox and features the new speed adjustment from Ford. Through the electronic engine control, this technology gives a short burst of gas when downshifting. On the one hand, it adapts the engine speed to the smaller gear and achieves very smooth, seamless shifting. On the other hand, it creates the characteristic sound that characterizes a classic V8 when downshifting.

As standard, the limited special edition is equipped with the premium audio system B & O PLAY. With a peak output of 1,000 watts and no less than twelve high-performance speakers, the sound system provides a unique sound experience in all places. The homogeneous sound distribution in the interior is based inter alia on the interaction between the dual-coil subwoofer – which delivers bass as deep as crisp – with the three-way high-performance speakers in the doors.

The twelve-inch digital instrument cluster is also part of the standard edition of the special edition. Its functions correspond to the display of the basic version, however the LCD screen in the Mustang Bullitt does not show the usual wild horse at the start but a picture of the vehicle on a green background. In homage to the movie car, the shift knob is designed as a white billiard ball.

The electrically adjustable series seats have distinctive green seams. Optionally, customers can opt for Black Recaro® leather-covered sports seats on the Mustang Bullitt.

Numerous details allude to Steve McQueen’s famous movie car. These include the restrained chrome accents around the grille and the front side windows as well as the reserved only for the special edition black grill. Just like the original, the current Mustang Bullitt hardly has any emblems. Only at the center of the stern appears the Bullitt logo.

“The new Mustang ‘Bullitt’ succeeds, which already distinguished Steve McQueen: He looks cool, without having to make an effort,” said Mustang chief designer Darrell Behmer. “From a designer’s point of view, this is my favorite Mustang – without trim, spoilers and emblems – it does not have to shout out anything – it’s just a standard cool.”

As an option, Ford’s state-of-the-art MagneRide suspension is available for selection on the special edition. Using a liquid that changes the viscosity and thus the damping behavior when a magnetic field is applied, the system regulates the response of the dampers. They react in real time to changing road conditions. This optimizes the taut handling of the sports car without having to sacrifice comfort performance. The active flap exhaust system is on board ex works – it supports the typical babbling of the big V8.

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