Despite Tesla’s setbacks, Elon Musk jokes for April 1

Since a fatal accident on March 23, involving an autonomous vehicle of the mark, Tesla crosses a difficult pass

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Elon Musk, the media boss of Tesla and the space company SpaceX, took advantage of April 1 to joke through Twitter while its car brand is currently going through a difficult time.

Elon Musk published a picture of himself allegedly drunk and asleep with a “bankwupt” sign posted on his chest, saying that “despite intense efforts to find money, including a desperate attempt to Massive sale of Easter eggs, Tesla went totally bankrupt and bankrupt to the point that you can not even imagine it. ”

Financially badly in point

This April Fool is a response to recent reports of significant upcoming financial risks for the heavily – indebted electric car manufacturer, which has not been profitable since its inception in 2003 . Its latest model, the Model 3 which must enable it to target a mass production, is delayed production. The share price of the group on Wall Street has dropped about 25% since the end of February.

Tesla is also currently under investigation by the US transport regulator NTSB following a fatal accident involving one of its cars in California on March 23rd. The NTSB had already investigated a previous accident involving an Autopilot-equipped Tesla in Florida in 2016.

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