Does The labor market in the United States still in very good condition?

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On Wall Street, stock prices prior to the interest rate decision of fed hardly by the authority are likely to come. Experts do not expect this Wednesday but still a change of American monetary policy. Good data from the US labor market left cold Premarket stock prices. In individual stocks figures are likely to provide, however, movement.

Broker IG 0.08 prized well half an hour before start of trading the Dow Jones industrial percent lower at 24 080 points. On Tuesday, was the US leading index slid off temporarily by up to almost one and a half percent, had closed but only with a moderate decline.

Almost all analysts interviewed by Bloomberg news agency assume that U.S. monetary authorities leave interest rates unchanged in a range between 1.50 and 1.75 percent. No significant changes in the formulations are expected also in the opinion of the Federal Reserve interest rate decision.

The labour market in the United States is still in very good condition: the service provider ADP according to the private sector has created more new jobs in April than expected. The ADP data apply the Government as a guideline for the monthly labour market report, although accuracy is not particularly high. This is an important factor for the Fed. Strong data might provide a faster tightening of monetary policy, what diminishes the attractiveness of equities compared with fixed-income securities.

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