With a very simple question you can know if the applicant is going to fit into your company or not

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Of course, HR professionals in your application first of all pay attention to your work experience and education. After all, when you send your CV to a company, that’s the first thing you can learn about yourself.

But at the latest during the job interview many staff members do not care what grade you have graduated from university or how many years you have spent with a top company. Then they want to know one thing above all: Do you have the right attitude and do you fit into the company?
The slightly different question for the application
Marcel Schwantes is an advisor to executives and founders of the company Leadership from the Core.

He recommends executives in a guest post for ” Inc ” the following question to find out if anyone has the right attitude:

“If we have a problem with a customer, would you invent a white lie to make us look better?”

This question for the application did not come up with Schwantes. As he writes, several bosses use this question to test the integrity of their future employees. If you ever get this or any similar question, then you should be careful. Because of course you would answer in the first impulse with “Yes”, to show that you always keep your company free and loyal.

But the problem is: Nobody wants an employee who reveals his own values. If you are ready to lie to customers, you may also be willing to lie to your supervisor or your colleagues. Integrity is one of the most important qualities applicants should bring. Billionaire Warren Buffett has known that for a long time.

Stay true to the application

“If an applicant responds with a yes or pushes for an answer, then you should immediately stop the job interview and wish the applicant a nice day,” writes Schwantes.

If someone answers with “no”, he recommends again asking for the reasons for the answer. Because this shows what values ??are important to the applicant – and whether they fit the company.

Everyone wants to shine in the interview and prove that he is the best choice for the job – but it’s still always worth it to be honest. So think twice about your answer when you get such a question.


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