It is the most "virtual" virtual currency, and despite the latest jolts of its value, its use is spreading around the world. Proof of this popularity, Bitcoin will even be used as a means of payment in Canadian KFCs. The announcement was made last January and becomes effective: the Bitcoin Bucket menu now costs 0.0011673 BTC (about $ 20).

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The Bitcoin has become very popular with surfers. More and more people are becoming interested in it despite the fact that it remains a very marginal payment method. Many investors continue to buy it in the hope that its price will continue to rise. KFC Canada recently announced that it will accept bitcoin payments for a limited time.

This payment option will only be available for online orders for “Bitcoin Bucket”, a new menu item specifically designed for this new payment method. This new bucket will come with 10 soft pieces of chicken, fries and gravy.

In spite of the popularity of Bitcoin, one is obviously entitled to wonder if Internet users will agree to spend the fruit of their investments in a bucket of chicken.

How much does it cost ?

Originally, KFC proposed the Bitcoin Bucket for a value of 0.0011204 BTC to 0.0010082 BTC and finally end at 0.0011673 BTC. Anyway, you will buy it for a value equivalent to twenty dollars in bitcoin at the time of purchase, not to mention the five dollars shipping costs extra.

The value of cryptocurrency continues to grow. In a few months, the twenty dollars collected by the company could very quickly turn into two thousand dollars.

KFC Canada said on its website: ”  Despite the highs and lows of Bitcoin, the Colonel’s original recipe is still good.   So swap your Bitcoins for buckets and invest in something good. 

Invest or buy chicken? That is the question.

Currently, Bitcoin can be very expensive. It is therefore unlikely that people will want to exchange it for sauce and some pieces of chicken. This virtual money could pay them a lot in a few months, even if it is still a hypothesis.

KFC’s offer may therefore seem somewhat flawed. However, the approach is not meaningless.

It is indeed still quite rare to find consumer products in which to spend its bitcoins and this operation should therefore help make this payment method more popular … while ensuring a good advertisement for the brand.

For now, KFC Canada has not announced yet whether the Bitcoin Bucket has been a success. If so, will it extend the duration of payment availability to Bitcoin?

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